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Mini "Knock on Wood" Good Luck Pendant
  • Mini "Knock on Wood" Good Luck Pendant


    This mini "Knock on Wood" Sterling Silver & Oak Pendant is not only adorable, but the perfect way to ward off evil energy and attract the good. Inspired by the centuries old superstition of knocking on wood where magic is intertwined with daily life, now you can wear this supernatural talisman as a necklace or charm to carry with you to remind yourself of that your energy is guarded.


    Knock on Wood History (click to learn more)


    x .925 Sterling Silver & Sealed Oak Wood

    x Choice of 16”, 18” or 20” Sterling silver chain

    x Handmade - one of a kind

    • Care Info

      Sterling silver naturally oxidizes/tarnishes and can change it's look over time. Sterling silver general care can be found online! Please take care of these, they can be considered heirloom pieces! Sterling silver cost fluctuates over time but always maintains value especially when they're sentimental. 🖤

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